Educational Fun with the Beeb


Hi. I'm Jo. I'm a child of the eighties who grew up with a BBC model B computer. (Beeb) (For anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, have a look at the Beeb History page) I spent many hours entertaining myself with games like Chuckie Egg, Elite, Mr Ee and Repton, among many others. I also spent as much time playing educational games as well as the more standard, just for fun games.

The Beeb became obsolete many years ago (see Beeb history) but the technology has been kept alive by the fans (see related sites) and the games can be played using an emulator (a program that convinces your modern PC that it is fact an 80's Beeb.) For more details see Playing the games on the PC: Emulators

I enjoyed the educational games as much as all the rest, so I would like to share them with everyone, so they can have fun on their computer and teach their kids the fundamentals of reading, maths and adventure game play. Therefore, this site is aimed at parents who want to teach their children in a fun, and interesting way as this is a wonderful resource for doing just that.

I am assuming that you have very little computer knowledge - everything is (as best i can) explained very simply, so apologies to those who already know what they are doing.

Have fun and enjoy the site. ~Jo

  • To have a look at the games available and to download them, go to: Games
  • To download an emulator (for getting the games to run) go to: Playing the games on the PC: Emulators
  • For more details about a game, go to Games.there are not many of the games at the moment. These will get added over time, sorry
  • If anyone has played any of the games and wishes to write a review (please do - I don't want to have to do them all myself), get in touch through the contact page and I will send you more details.
  • Since most of the "just for fun" games are available to download from other sites, this site only makes educational games available. That is: games where the primary function involves maths, words or another educational subject, or problem solving using any of these.
  • Latest News

    Oct 06:
    Have a look at: The Chuckie Egg Professional's Resource Kit
    for a bit of light relief from all the educational stuff. If you don't know Chuckie egg, it was a beeb favourite.

    Oct 06: More games
    With the help of, I have got a lot more games and am putting them onto the site slowly - keep looking!

    Game of the Month - Oct: Rescue - An Island Adventure

    Help the children solve problems and navigate round the island to rescue their uncle.
    Age 7 upwards.

    Go and have a look now