Games: Rescue - An Island Adventure

CSH Educational Software: Rescue - An Island Adventure (1989)

Review: A group of children have been invited by their uncle to spend some time with him on his island. However, when they arrive, there is no sign of uncle. The children have to find him, rescue him, and get off the island again. They have to visit various locations on the island and solve problems that may help the to find uncle.

Important - How to set up groups for the game.

  1. Load the game as normal.
  2. There are 2 groups already set up. Group 1 has slightly easier puzzles than group 2. If you are happy to use these groups, Type group no. 1 or 2. It will then let you look at the status of the group, and then will enter the game.
    If you wish to add your own group (s)
  3. When it asks for a group number, type 99
  4. The password is TP
  5. This take you to the group setup page.
  6. Select 2 - Add a group. Put in the details for you group. When you have finished, you will return to the group setup page.
  7. In beebem - go to the "file" menu. Select disk options - right protect 0 and click on it. This will allow your group to be saved.
  8. Back in the game, select 4 - "all correct", it will then ask for your group no. Type in the no. of the group you have just created.
  9. You will now be able to see the group status page, and then enter the game.

Age Range: 7-15 (accrding to the documentation from CSH)

Players: 1-4. You can control the group on your own or can each be a different person in the group.

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