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    Beeb games/info sites

    • The BBC lives - One of the most important sites about the Beeb - Has comprehensive games lists, documentation, history and just about everything you could want.
    • The BeebEm Home Page - The home page of the emulator discussed on this site.
    • Stairway to Hell - Another important Beeb site. Has a comprehensive software archive, documentation, and a forum to discsuss all things beeb related
    • The Best Beeb Games - Has downloads and screenshots to some of the author's (and probably everyone else's) favourites.
    • Bygone Bytes - An online vintage computer museum
    • Sprow's Webpages - Contains info about Beeb computers including how to diagnose problems with them.
    • The Chuckie Egg Professional's Resource Kit. - Everything you need to know about the classic game, Chuckie Egg.

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    • Wikipedia - The free, community encyclopedia