Cuddly Toy Cows

All images are links to a larger version - just click on the pic
The whole herd That first cow - the one that stared it all off.
Beany cows - they do look comfy together Blow up cow - thanks to St Ivel Gold The boiler full of magnetic cows (and a few other random things - note the train in the middle) Poor cows - squashed by a big book (about cows, naturally)
Moo!! More moo!! Hello everyone Flat cow - used to be full of sweets, but not for long Irish Moo Noisy Moo - one of the cows that you can press for real(ish) cow moos.
Fat cow - too much grass! ooM! Hello! Disco Cow! Magnetic cow Mad cow!!!
Video demo of the madness
Friendly cows Beany cows again (why are they important enough to get 2 photos??) Cow dispute?? Tiny cows Oddballs!!
Are cows usually red and yellow, and who's the squirrel?
Stresscow - very important